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Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving is a revolutionary treatment that permanently dissolves stubborn fat cells. The destroyed cells are then eliminated naturally via the lymphatic system. Deoxycholic acid is injected into the areas you wish to treat. This acid is naturally produced within the body, however the product is much more concentrated resulting in long lasting changes.

It is important to note that these cannot be used as an alternative to diet and exercise, as for the best results you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Fat dissolving injections may be suitable for you if you have stubborn packets of fat despite exercise. Areas such as under the chin, arms, stomach, back and thighs can be treated.


More than 1 treatment will be required on all areas, the larger the area the more treatments that will be required. Whilst effects can be seen after 2 sessions, 6 or more may be required for best results. Substantial swelling for up to 10 days is very common following this treatment, particularly in the chin area.



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