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Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are injected within the face or body to provide plumpness and smoothing of wrinkles, and additional volume within areas that may have lost natural youthfulness through the ageing or weight loss process. Fillers can also be used to contour bony areas such as the cheeks, jaw and chin.

Dermal fillers are based on a naturally occurring substance within the body called hyaluronic acid. Due to this, the filler is eventually broken down by the body. Meaning, whilst it can be long lasting it isn’t permanent.

Filler is a treatment in which you can see immediate results with minimal downtime. Although swelling can be quite substantial, particularly when injected into the lips. This quickly resolves but can be quite alarming at first.

At Foxhie we like to take a holistic approach and assess the entirety of the face, rather than just one area. Profile balancing is key and has been proven to give the most aesthetically pleasing results.


An example of this would be assessing the prominence of the lower face when adding volume to the lips, or ensuring that the cheeks have enough volume and stability to handle under eye filler.

Full consults are available to discuss varying packages to give you the best results.



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